If you’re a returning client, we already have most of your required information in on file, so your filing process will be faster.

But first, we need to know if there have been any changes in your filing status in the last year.

Tax Day for 2023

Make sure to file your taxes before April 15, 2024.

Welcome back for the 2023 Tax Season!

Step 1: Information Changes From Last Year

Step 2: Upload or E-mail Tax Documents

Please make a folder with the form PDF that you saved in Step 1 above and include any relevant tax-related documents, such as:

  • All w2s
  • Bank interest and dividend statements
  • Mortgage statement, property tax charity contribution amount, etc.
  • Stock sales
  • All other income-related documents
  • Student loan interest paid and college tuition amount paid in current year
  • Moving expense and miles moved
  • All other tax-deductible items

Login to the Secure Portal to securely upload your files (recommended) by clicking the button below, or e-mail it to us as an attachment.

I would like to thank you for your confidence in our service. We shall send you an initial draft within 2 business days. Please introduce our service to your friends and families also.

Joseph Oommen, CPA